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Confessions of A Teenage Muslimah

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February 21, 2013-

Two days ago, on February 19, 2013, my grandfather passed away after a courageous battle with lung cancer. It left me shaking, and all I’ve eaten in the past two days is oatmeal and a glass of milk (because my sister forced me to.)  Not only have I lost my appetite, but I have also gone into this whole self-loathing phase..one which I feel can be justified.  I went to the library yesterday, and borrowed a nice book. Hopefully that will help me take my mind off things. I didn’t wanna come home from school yesterday.. I sobbed all the way to school, and I was a mess in class too. And it wasn’t just because of my grandpa’s death, it was the aftermath of it. I was already an emotional wreck when I woke up yesterday morning and my aunt started her usual scream-deavors at me which involved a one-sided, biased argument. Whatever. I’m over it all. I can’t wait to get out of here.

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Urgent Appeal: To Support Orphans Of Genocide

If you feel like you want to do something about the Shia genocide and don’t know what, this might be a good place to start. This is a charity fund set up for all the victims and orphans of the Shia genocide in Pakistan.

I’m about to donate money.. please pitch in! It is for such a great cause, and I can’t even imagine what it might feel like to be a part of a family that was victimized by such cruel acts of ignorance. 

Every day is Ashura, every land is Karbala. 

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Anonymous asked: i like your resolutions :)

hehe. awww thank you. I hope I follow through with them. I tried to be as realistic as possible >.>